Our Staff

At Atlantic Sleep Centers, diagnostic testing services are run by physcians who are board certified in sleep medicine with subspecialties of pulmonary medicine, pyschiatry, neurology, and pyschology- and all our test are performed by highly tranied technologist. We offer the latest diagnostic technology and highest level of comfort and care to ensure a succesfull outcome for the patient.

April Herron

RRT, RCP, Director of Opertations

Debbie Douglass

Lead Customer Service Representative

Sleep Technicians

Douglass Lee

Medical Director

Although the process of testing for sleep disorders is highly techincal, our staff is friendly and eager to help you. The set-up process for the study is done by trained and certified sleep techinicians. They work overnight to record your sleep session. In the morning after the sleep study, the sleep doctors will review the data collected overnight and release a preliminary interpretation of the study, which will be faxed to your doctor.